Aesculight CO2 Laser Surgery is the best choice for general soft tissue surgery because the intense heat from the Laser beam produces the following benefits foryour pet:


- The Laser seals the nerve endings as it cuts, reducing post operative pain. The Laser also seals the lymphatic tissue, thus reducing swelling. The healing is much more comfortable.


- the Laser energy automatically seals small blood vessels as it cuts. When defocused (moved away from tissue creating a larger spot size), the Laser becomes an effective coagulation device. Not only does the blood-free cutting benefit the patient, it provides a clear, dry surgical field for the surgeon. Without bleeders continually blocking the surgical field, the overall procedure time may be decreased. The lack of bleeding also lets the surgeon develop a really good feel for what normal tissue looks like, because he can see the tissue without blood being in the way. This enables the surgeon to have more control over what tissue to remove.


- by shortening the anesthesia time, the pet is under less risk to the anesthetic. Some procedures can be done under local anesthetic, which is beneficial to the older pets who are more sensitive to general anesthetic.


- the Laser sterilizes as it lases, and only the Laser beam touches the tissue.


- the Laser allows destruction of abnormal tissue and preserves normal tissue. It allows normal, gentle healing with little or no scarring.