Concerned about declawing? We know how you feel. While that furry little friend can cause great damage to your furniture, draperies, your clothes, and even your skin, you feel guilty about having him declawed. We know that because we hear comments all day long from concerned pet owners just like you.    

Did you know...  that declawing can now be performed with a Laser? Yes! That same tool that removes facial wrinkles and varicose veins from people can be used to declaw a cat. Laser surgery makes it much better.

Seals nerve endings! Lasers cut tissue with a beam of light, which seals the nerve endings so there is very little pain when they wake up.

Seals blood vessels! Lasers also seal blood vessels as they cut so there is usually no need for bandaging after surgery.

On the prowl the very next day! Since there are no bandages your furry friend can be up to normal speed the next day and...  without leaving his usual trade "marks" on your furniture and skin!

All cats, young or old, big or small can have a Laser declaw. We've perfected the technique! We think it is, with out a doubt, the best technique for declaw.

Front declaw is usually all that is needed. The rear claws cause fewer problems in the household and are helpful for the cat to defend himself should he become an outdoor cat or accidentally escape.       

The cost for laser declawing? Yes, it does cost a little more but we think it's worth it. Properly done, a declaw will provide the cat a lifetime of comfort and allow him to be an inside pet without causing all the damage. Consider having your pet declawed at the time of spaying or neutering. It is not only more cost effective for you but also it is less stressful and healthier for the pet.